About Company



ANIMO DOO is a family-owned company based in Valjevo, Serbia, engaged in the production of furniture and metal parts. Since its establishment in 1994, company’s production is based on a craft of finished (chairs and tables both for indoor and outdoor use) and semi-finished products (legs, constructions and other furniture parts) made out of chrome-plated or powder coated steel.

With a currently 40 persons employed and the production core equipped with a CNC machines of the latest generation for processing of sheets and pipes, ANIMO is adapted to various needs of the customer so it can made the products on a request out of the sample or drawing.

Business philosophy

Our business philosophy considers development of the company within the family, creating business conditions as good as possible and so as the social responsibility. Giving the main accent on the products quality, company attracts clients both with cooperation with their buyers so as with delivery deadlines.

Consisted of designers and mechanical engineers, ANIMO team works on improvement and control of all the processes which standards guarantees high degree of professionality. As for the technical part, team uses programs such as Auto Cad, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros.

Partner companies we cooperate with

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